Get help when you need it with the push of a button... for about a dollar a day!!!


HouseCall Medical Alert System

We can’t always prevent an emergency from occurring. Because household accidents do happen,it’s important that we get help fast when needed. In many cases, it’s the delay in getting help that creates a debilitating problem.



• One out of three Americans over the age of 65 fall at home every year.

• Most home accidents are compounded because the injured person lays unattended for an extended period.

• The chances of surviving a fall are six times greater if you are attended to within one hour.

• Being unable to get help when needed is a common event that usually marks the end of a person’s independent life.

With a simple push of a button, HouseCall can have the help you need on the way. You don’t even have to get to the phone! A trained dispatcher will talk to you via the main medical alarm console.

They will stay with you until the help you need arrives. You determine the assistance you receive.

In case you are unable to respond to the dispatcher, we will follow the instructions you have previously provided.

HouseCall Features:


Two-way voice communication: talk back and forth with our trained emergency dispatcher.

• Large emergency push button on main console: it’s easy to find in an emergency.

Portable emergency transmitter: they come in pendant or watch styles, are water-resistant (can be worn in the bath) and can transmit over 100 feet.

Braille characters for the main function buttons on console:  it’s easy to use for the sight impaired.

Selectable inactivity reporting: 8, 12 or 24 hours (optional): if there is no activity in the house, we will call and check up on you.

Speakerphone ability: push the button on your emergency transmitter to have the console answer your incoming phone call.

Capacity for up to 16 emergency transmitters: each person can have their own unit and have additional transmitters placed in strategic, high risk areas, such as the bathroom.

32-hour battery backup: the system is still there for you even if the power is out.

Nation-wide Service:

Take it with you when you relocate or travel.

The Lighthouse Medical Alert System can operate wherever there is electrical power and an active telephone line. The unit is lightweight and completely portable. Re-installing and testing the unit takes less than five minutes.

To update your contact information, simply call the toll free number listed on the top of the main console. It’s that easy!

Services starting at about a dollar a day!!!

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